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Posted By Bobhale
16/07/2022 @ 05:14
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We are back at the Ram !! please do not delete this photo as it appears in the home page thank you
Posted By Davidbetts 20/01/2010 @ 17:20

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21/01/2010 @ 21:51
Should be re-named the Boomerang, cos we keep coming back.  
21/01/2010 @ 22:55
I think We should have a club member in as the Landlord 
22/01/2010 @ 08:45
very good Dave !!!! and Bob !!! 
23/01/2010 @ 14:29
Home is where the heart is and the birth place of BDCVC circa 1993. Met the landlord, Andy, today who has told me he brought the Hotel. So he wont be going anywhere for a while. He is chuffed we have returned home. 
25/01/2010 @ 22:37
He Brought the Pub Brought it from where Bruce ? 

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